It is hard to ever imagine yourself fighting for your life having been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, but tough times find good people sometimes. The AI Relief Foundation has generously assisted my family so that we can focus on what matters most, health and recovery from a long and aggressive read more

AI Designated Member/Orlando, FL

AIERF is an organization that is often overlooked given that a lot of young professionals do not view appraising as a lucrative career path. The problem with that mindset is that appraising is one if not the most important aspect of real estate given the importance of effectively understanding the valuation of real estate properties. Because of this I would advise a lot of young professionals to at least learn about read more

Gabriel Lazcano/Clemson University

“My decision to go to graduate school was over 20 years in the making, but it only took a minute to decide once I knew it would be in real estate. Given my experience and passion for the industry I felt the course work would be compelling and engaging, but not overwhelming. The real challenge would be paying for read more

Graduate Student/University of Denver

The cost of the classes and travel costs, coupled with lost income due to missed time at work, can be a financial burden. The opportunity to receive a scholarship is certainly worth the time to apply, to potentially alleviate a portion of the costs. read more

AI Candidate for Designation/Ohio

The AIERF (formerly AIET) has long been a source of scholarships to assist undergrads, graduate students and candidates/affiliates in pursuit of their higher education goals. We are proud of this tradition of using funds donated by AI professionals and others to further the goals of the Appraisal Institute. read more

David W Riach, MAI/2018 Chair, AIERF Board of Directors

I decided to apply because I am pursuing a career in appraisal after I graduate with a master’s degree in real estate. The scholarship seemed like a great opportunity since it is focused on my career path. Also, the application requirements were not too time intensive, so it was easy for me to write the easy and attain letters of recommendation without interfering with my busy school and work schedule. read more

Ashley Zubizarreta/Texas A & M University

The Relief grants help me out a lot to stand up again. Work was stopped for a couple of months and my finances were struggling. Personally, and with an enormously humble, I encourage everyone to give a little of what we have to support this foundation. You never know when you will need it and be blessed read more

AI Practicing Affiliate/Puerto Rico

I applied for a Relief Grant because hurricane María impacted Puerto Rico with a category 5 and the natural disaster devastated the whole island. The electrical infrastructure and the communications were out for a long time impeding me to work. I did a lot of things trying to work, but at that point, I realized if affected badly the whole island. I needed to move for a month to another house because my area was not saved because was close to a dam read more

AI Designated Member/Puerto Rico

As the scholarship is targeted to the field I am pursuing, and because the minority groups to which I belong are underrepresented in this field, I felt compelled to apply: I believed that I had a reasonably good chance of an award since my character, scholastic achievements and work experience qualify me. I also applied for the AIET general graduate scholarship. read more

Graduate Student/Florida International University

I am incredibly grateful that AI provides such opportunity and encourages those in the field to continue their education. I also appreciate the establishment of the diversity scholarship and what that represents in the real estate community. I am very grateful to AI and the real estate community, which has proven to me its generosity of time, spirit, and fostering the next generation. read more

Kristina Krone/University of Colorado @ Boulder