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The Appraisal Institute Education and Relief Foundation (AIERF) was born out of the 2018 union of the AI Education Trust and AI Relief Foundation in order to most effectively and efficiently serve real estate appraisal professionals now and into the future.

For more than 50 years, the Appraisal Institute Education Trust (AIET) fostered the advancement of the real estate appraisal profession and played a critical role in supporting valuation education. AIET supported a vast range of initiatives, from world-renowned resources such as the Y.T. and Louise Lee Lum Library, to programs that will help secure the future of the valuation industry, including research grants and scholarships.

Since the formation of the Appraisal Institute Relief Foundation (AIRF) following the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes, more than $300,000 in emergency financial assistance has been provided to appraisers and other individuals in need.

Looking to the future, the AI Education and Relief Foundation will continue to seek opportunities to support and promote the profession of real estate valuation and the individuals who comprise the profession.

For more information, contact AIERF at 312-335-4133 or


  • Kelli Kline Mayhew, MAI, SRA, Chair
  • Betsy K. Hughes, SRA, AI-RRS, Vice Chair
  • Sara R. Baker, MAI, SRA
  • Mari M. Carlson, MAI, AI-GRS
  • Richard deVerdier, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
  • Terence J. Farr, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
  • Sharon B. Harbin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
  • Kelly E. Hyde, MAI
  • Jeremy A. Keller, SRA, AI-RRS
  • Kyle W. Krueger, MAI, AI-GRS
  • Benjamin Moser, SRA
  • J. Nathan Pippin, SRA
  • Russell K. Sterling, MAI, AI-GRS


The exclusive public purposes for which AIERF is organized are charitable, literary, educational and scientific within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”). In furtherance of those purposes AIERF shall:

    • Receive, administer and disburse funds for the purpose of improving, advancing, researching and teaching the techniques of real estate appraisal, with benefits to be made available to the interested public;
    • Provide emergency financial assistance (i) to Designated Members, Candidates, Practicing Affiliates, Affiliates, employees (and their dependents) of the Appraisal Institute, an Illinois not for profit corporation organized under the Code, and (ii) to individuals who have made meaningful contributions to the real estate profession (collectively, “Recipients”), who have experienced a disaster or emergency that has left the Recipients in a state of financial, physical, or emotional distress;
    • Provide scholarships and grants to qualified persons for education in or work in the field of real estate appraisal;
    • Promote and conduct research and study into all aspects of real estate appraisal, with findings and conclusions to be made available to the interested public;
    • Foster the establishment of educational standards for real estate appraisals;
  • Maintain a library and encourage and cause the writing and publication of treatises, books and pamphlets relating to real estate appraisal, which are to be made available to the interested public;
  • Encourage and interest educational and other organizations in improving, advancing and teaching real estate appraisal.