I applied for a Relief Grant because hurricane María impacted Puerto Rico with a category 5 and the natural disaster devastated the whole island. The electrical infrastructure and the communications were out for a long time impeding me to work. I did a lot of things trying to work, but at that point, I realized if affected badly the whole island. I needed to move for a month to another house because my area was not saved because was close to a dam that was being inspected by the Corps of Engineers. Everything happening, me and my family struggling with all the basic needs, and nobody providing a serious and certain indication of when all things were going to be available again, it was a real nightmare.

These funds helped my family to buy food, pay first-hand needs, and cover the medical insurance. Moreover, to re-establish my business and move on in the right direction to maintain the emotional, mental, and physical health of my family.

We are and always be grateful for this program and the people working on it, helping people in necessity.

Respectfully, thank you, thank you, thank you a lot, this help was a reprieve to stand up and go ahead!!!